Custom Marine Leather – CML Wheel Cover


The CML Wheel cover is a high quality Finnish natural product made of elk leather. Genuine elk leather endures varied weather conditions and humidity better than any other leathers. It is an excellent material for boats as it adapts perfectly to demanding marine conditions. Dry or wet, an elk leather covered wheel always offers a firm grip. The CML Wheel cover also gives a hint of luxury to your boat.

Now also available sprayhood grab bar cover. > 150cm cover is coming from 1 piece, biggers from 2 pieces.

Package includes leather´s of your choice, sowing directions, 2-sided tape for pohjustus and two needles and sowing yarn. You can get finished touch with leather covers that are sowed for both sides (sold separately). Prices depends on the size of the wheel (amount of leather needed).



  1. Measure the diameter of your wheel (A) and place your order based on that. For example, if the diameter of the wheel is 60 cm, choose option 58 – 86 cm.
  2. Wheel rim thickness (B).The standard leathers have been measured to fit rounded wheel rims of 22 or 25 mm. We can also make leathers to fit different types of wheels.
  3. Choose colour of leather and stitching thread
  4. For a finished look, get leathers for the spokes as well on the same order. Make sure if you have either straight or cone shaped spokes (C). Package includes 8 pieces of spokes in chosen color.

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CML Wheel Cover

From: 130,00 


Sprayhood grab bar cover

From: 83,00